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February 26, 2004

More On The Mail

From the Daily News:
Postal Service mum on initiatives to improve delivery
But residents have plenty to say about delays
Wednesday, February 25th 2004

While U.S. Postal Service officials remain tight-lipped about their plans to improve mail delivery territorywide, Major Jonathon Boswell, who is stationed in Iraq, continues to wait for a package from his family.

"I sent a package to him Priority Mail in early December, and he still hasn't received it," Rebecca Bowers, Boswell's sister on St. Thomas, said Tuesday. "I don't understand what happened to it."

Bowers is among many residents who are frustrated over slow, late or missing mail coming in or out of the territory.

Click here for the whole article

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February 21, 2004

Another Sweetheart Deal

Here is a story from the Daily News about 60k being spent on a survey that some firms would have done for free. These kinds of things never seem to end here in the VI.

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February 19, 2004

Open Thread

Please discuss something, bring up a topic, anything. We have been too busy to keep up here (see previous post). Anyone have an opinion about what is going on in Haiti? I heard an interesting report on NPR yesterday about it.

There was interesting news this week about a guy who plead guilty down here who was involved in an EDC company - and it sounds like it could be just the tip of the iceberg. More info here. Seems the gist of it was that he was an insurance salesman in the States who came down here and faked residency, for the sole reason of the tax breaks. I would like to see where this investigation goes as it widens. If people in these EDC umbrellas start getting busted for stuff like this I think it could eventually put a damper on the local economy and the real estate market...

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A personal note

So how do you run a very busy Web site and take care of two kids at the same time? I am finding out this week as my wife is in the States visiting her parents. So far the worst of it is the new upstairs neighbors - they were actually hammering some new shelving together last night - at 4:00 AM!!!

I had to go up there finally around 5:00 and ask them to stop. I just don't get how you can have hammers out in a duplex, with tile floors, and be assembling something on that floor - all night long. Besides the lack of sleep (and the headache that comes with it for me) things are going okay. I will keep this updated as the situation worsens :)

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February 09, 2004

USVI Fishing Industry Will Gain Exposure During "Big Game Room"

St. Thomas Fisherman Creates International Gamefishing Exhibition

UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS, February 9, 2004 - Commissioner of Tourism Pamela C. Richards is pleased to announce that the USVI's Jimmie Loveland conceptualized one of the largest national trade fairs for the big gamefishing industry. The Big Game Room, an exposition area for fishing enthusiasts from around the world, has become an integral part of the Miami International Boat Show, one of the world's leading marine industry events.

"It is impressive that a Virgin Islander saw this opportunity for our gamefishing business and brought it into fruition," Commissioner Richards said. "Such a strong presence at this incredible national event provides our annual fishing tournaments and fishing charters an added boost for the 2004 season. We're looking forward to participating in this public/private sector partnership opportunity."

This year's boat show, scheduled for February 12 - 17, 2004 in Miami, will welcome more than 2,300 of the marine industry's top boat and boating equipment manufacturers in more than 2.5 million-square-feet of exhibit space. The event is produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the principal trade association of the recreational marine industry, whose members produce nearly 80 percent of United States' recreational boating products - a $25 billion annual industry.

Realizing the value of this event and the opportunity to reach the gamefishing industry's target market, Jimmie Loveland, who heads up the annual Open Atlantic/Blue Marlin Tournament among other fishing events in the USVI, developed the additional exhibition space of the "Big Game Room," to showcase fishing industry leaders. Celebrity anglers, international tournament organizers, boat manufacturers, blue-water tackle manufacturers, conservation groups, artists and various resorts and fishing destinations will come together for this annual event. In addition to a host of exhibitors, the Big Game Room also will feature guest speakers, hourly drawings for great prizes and the Marlin Bar, a Caribbean style hangout. The Big Game Room, as part of the Miami International Boat Show, will receive an extensive marketing and public relations campaign that includes print, television and Internet advertising, as well as local and national news coverage.

As a top sportfishing destination with more than 24 world-record catches, the U.S. Virgin Islands is sure to have a strong presence in the Big Game Room. The USVI is home to many fishing tournaments each year and offers vacationers fishing boat charters outfitted with necessary equipment and a skilled crew.

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I heard things...

So it sounds like Caneel Bay has been sold. The new owners remain a mysterious investment group, and there are rumors of new rooms planned. I really don't know much, but if any of you have heard feel free to let us know (for all I know this may be old news, I don't get out much).

The Queen Mary II is in and seems to be shuttling people back and forth from her tenders today. I had read about the maiden voyage that they were not working correctly but I saw them both close up today while on the waterfront and have been watching with binoculars from up at home too. The ship today for some reason does look HUGE - it didn't seem so impressive the first time, maybe it was the angle.

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February 04, 2004

Anthony's Rant

What is up with the mail? I am waiting for first class letters and priority mail from the states for 2 weeks! We got a Christmas gift ordered mid December a week ago, totally smashed! There has definitely been more problems it seems of late - here is a story from the Daily News detailing some of it.

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Open Thread

Please discuss what you wish, aks a question, etc. - I have obviously not been able to do as much here as I wanted so far this year, if anyone ever wants to add something or start a new thread please let me know.

So far the season seems to be going great. Lots of ships, lots of people, full hotels, restaurants and villas. The weather has been mostly great, cool evenings and clear horizons.

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Renowned Cricketer Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards to Visit USVI

ST. THOMAS, UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS, February 4, 2004 - Commissioner of Tourism Pamela C. Richards is pleased to announce that the St. Thomas Cricket Association will host matches between the Leeward Islands and Barbados National Cricket Team, February 12-15, during round six of the Carib Beer Cup Cricket Series 2004. The four-day competition will be held on the grounds of St. Thomas' Addelita Cancryn Junior High School at 10 a.m. daily, and will feature a special appearance by renowned cricketer Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards.

"I am pleased to welcome these cricket teams to America's Caribbean," Commissioner Richards said. "The popularity of cricket is growing internationally, and I am pleased that the United States Virgin Islands has been selected as a destination for the popular sport. We certainly are looking forward to hosting more of these games as the Caribbean region prepares for the World Cup Cricket Tournament in 2007."

One of the highlights of the upcoming tournament matches on St. Thomas will be a visit from accomplished cricketer Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards. He will be greeted with a special welcome reception organized by the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism and the St. Thomas Cricket Association on Wednesday, February 11. The Antigua native played on a number of major cricket teams for more than 15 years before retiring from the sport in 1992. His high-point scoring and athletic agility won him many accolades, including the title of Wisden Cricketer of the Year (1977) and the selection as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the Century (2000). A special cocktail reception will be held in honor of Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards at Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa on February 13, at 8 p.m. Tickets for the event can be purchased for $20.

The Carib Beer Cup Cricket Series is a regional sports tournament that brings together the Caribbean's most talented cricketers. Eight teams representing the following island nations and regions are participating in the series - Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, the Leeward Islands, Trinadad & Tobago, the Windward Islands, Kenya and West Indies "B." St. Thomas will host Barbados and the Leeward Islands teams as part of the sixth round of the series, which returns to the U.S. Virgin Islands for the second year in a row. Last year, matches were played in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas and Christiansted, St. Croix.

For more information about the Carib Beer Cup Cricket Series 2004, call the St. Thomas Cricket Association at (340) 715-6863. For additional information about the United States Virgin Islands, call (800) 372-USVI (8784), visit www.usvitourism.vi or contact the nearest USVI Department of Tourism regional office in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Washington, D.C. or Toronto.

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