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May 31, 2004

I'm Still Alive

Hi there,

So - we made it through the first holiday weekend of the summer season here in NJ. We had a lot of people come in the shop that visit the Virgin Islands. Today the weather was really bad and we closed early, but there was a family in and a little boy with a St. John shirt on - I inquired when they were there (a few weeks ago), and they told me they spent most of their days at the pool (the Westin), only rented a car one day, and didn't go to any beaches!!! Can you believe it?

Also met someone who spends a week a year, minimun, at Hakuna Matata. And I saw a friend who usually sails out of Tortola for a week each winter.

Once we get a schedule down I will be posting here more often, I hope (another promise to break!). I am still waiting on a couple of friends to kick in with some posts... they know who they are.

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May 05, 2004

Need The Info

So I am in NJ and have not had time for a speck of VI news or gossip for nearly two weeks. I need some info! Please ask questions or post tid bits on this thread. Some of you must know something good...

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Vessup Bay Clean Up Planned

The Red hook Alliance and the North side Civic Organization would like to invite the entire community and other organizations to help us clean up Vessup bay and the surrounding areas on Saturday, May 15 at 8:30 am. Please bring the appropriate clothing, gloves and meet us at Kean high school under the shed. Bags and water will be provided. We will end our clean up at Vessup so please bring your bathing suit. Please contact Andrea King at 626- 7294 or e-mail at aksailing@yahoo.com or Jason Budsan at 775- 6048 or ch@islands.vi

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