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December 02, 2003

Open Thread

We have been really busy here and not had a lot of time to gather news. We are working on some back end issues and also some new content areas for USVI-On-Line and Caribbean-On-Line, as well as some new ideas for sites that are not Caribbean related. In the news - the weather is beautiful, the Berry brohters fund raiser seemed to go well, the Yacht Haven project has the green light... and that is all I have heard lately! Feel free to talk about what you want on this thread.

Posted by afinta at December 2, 2003 09:30 AM


As it always does... weather changes. I have some burning questions: 1) Is the flood damage being repaired? 2) Has the water cleared and returned to "normal"? 3) Are the cruise ships as plentiful as expected? 4) Is this "season" expected to be prosperous? As for another FAQ: We have rented 7 different villas on St. John, and have always used the water directly from the taps for drinking, ice, and coffee.... with nary a stomach problem. I have been advised that this practice is unwise. I would like the local USVI dudes and dudettes to tell me their opinions... Thanks, JSS3.

Posted by: JSS3. at December 2, 2003 11:47 AM

1.) Yes and no. On St. Thomas there is a lot of road work that needs to be done. 2.) Water seems pretty good 3.) There are a lot of them around... 4.) It was - but I don't know if that is true, wishful thinink, propaganda or what. We were on St. John Saturday - it was packed. Hoteliers here (STT) say that they are pretty full.

Most rental villas probably have some kind of water filtration.

Posted by: Anthony at December 2, 2003 12:41 PM

On our last trip to STJ, this past May, one of my objectives was to inquire about working and living on island. Being a carpenter, there seemed to be no problem finding work. I spoke with two builders who assured me I could work full time, and at a pay rate that was comparable with what I make here in Mass. My only problem was finding affordable living. Is this possible on STJ? Thanks for any input..Peace---Howie

Posted by: Howie at December 3, 2003 12:33 AM

Carpenters can always find work on St. John. Long-term housing on St. John is almost non-existent during the high season. I have a detached cottage that is vacant because we are renovating it and have had a half dozen unsolicited phone calls in the past 2 weeks asking if it could be rented. My neighbor put up a tent on a platform - no running water - and is getting $500 @ month. I've picked up several hitchers in the past week who tell me that there are no rentals left. They are living with friends, at one of the campgrounds, or on the beach. Come April, there will be all kinds of housing available.

Posted by: Brad at December 6, 2003 10:02 AM