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Smokey's 7/28/00
Reviewers Rating: Great
On the East End of St. Croix, on the same major road as The Buccaneer, Chenay Bay Resort on one side and Divi and Villa Madelaine on the other, is a delightful restaurant-cum-service-station run by Camella and St. Claire Greene. Don't be fooled by the fact that this is a service station, because this is where you can get the best roti in the area. And, when you've had quite enough of the hamburgers and same-old-same-old, you'll crave for something quite different. A roti is a Caribbe an speciality that resembles a burrito. It is a huge, soft tortilla filled with soft potatos, vegetables and chicken, shrimp, or beef ($6.00). You can also get breakfast there (croissant egg sandwiches, french toast, bacon and eggs, salt fish on titi bread, smoked herring, coffee, bush team, local drinks, a variety of sandwiches and "pates").

Mrs. Greene has a window at this service station-- recognizable from the road because of it's blue awning -- and is impeccably clean, neat and scenic. There's no indoor seating, but there is a covered gazebo with picnic table that overlooks the ocean. There is also seating in the front of the station. They are open from 6:30 am to whenever. Their number on the island is 773-8382.

Mudassar Imran

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