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Tamarind 06/10/2003
Reviewers Rating: Great
We have stayed at Tamarind 2 times now, and I know it is always booked up and hard to get into, but I've never seen a review of it, so here goes!
Tamarind is a 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath house in Cruz Bay, up the hill and around the corner from Gallows Point. It is an older house, and shows some wear. It has a great view on the front deck of St. Thomas and across the sound. The things we like most about it...
1. the location. You can walk into town day or night, although the hill on the way back is a killer for older people! This way we aren't tied to our guests trying to coordinate rides. Walk into town is easy for all. We actually travelled with an infant this time, and Grandma, and getting a taxi back up the hill was never a problem (although that was more for Grandma's sake).
2. the swimming pool--largest private pool on St. John--just awesome. I think it's even bigger than Gallows pool. Huge pool deck, too. Some days it was hard to leave the pool.
3. the large indoor and outdoor living rooms, always a good breeze, great view, and room to seat at least 10 people.
What we liked least...
1. 3 bedrooms, 3 couples, and never enough keys. We mentioned this on our last visit, and apparently it's not important enough to fix. You can access the bedrooms without actually going into the house, so you really do have to lock up every time you leave. 2 bedrooms have one key to share, which is a pain with 2 couples. One front door key, one side door key. Between 6 people--seems easy enough to remedy. Perhaps people just lose the keys too much.
2. we would really love to sleep with a breeze and no air-conditioning, but the sliding screen door on the master bedroom has no lock, latch, or any way to secure it at night. The rental company could sure save alot of money on air-conditioning if they would just put a $2 latch on the screen door. Again, mentioned this last time to no avail.
3. pool upkeep--I think the pool pump was on for 1 day out of 7. The pool guy came 3 times, we mentioned it each time, to no avail. So we skimmed the pool many times a day.
4. the bedrooms--very basic w/worn, stained linens. Not gross stained, but time for new linens stained. Some new bedspreads and sheets and a coat of paint would do wonders.
5. the price--you could get a much nicer house for the price if you had a rental car. But you pay for the location, and not the rental car!
6. the noise!! We don't mind the ferries or music from town. It's the construction on Grand Bay Estates next door. It is in full swing, with jackhammers clearing that lot beginning at 5-6am till around 4pm, on Saturday too!! You have to yell by the pool to be heard. I suspect it will be at least a year before it's "normal noisy" again.

Even with the "not-likes" about Tamarind, we do the love the house in general. We will definitely rent it again. It's great for a crowd who want to go about on their own schedules but still see each other, or a family with kids too young to drive but too old to want to hang out with their parents all the time.


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