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Seawing 05/31/2005
Reviewers Rating: Great
Two weeks in Seawing through Caribbean Villas. Very pretty little house. Very steep driveway (probably 30% grade) with a 90 degree turn on the grade so a little daunting to get into. Nicely appointed but could definitely use an update or two, especially in the kitchen (you have to light the stove by hand) and upstairs bath where the cabinets and drawers smelled awful. We came to the conclusion that it might have been the humidity leaching out foul odors from the varnish/paint(an "outhose smell" is as descriptive as I can be). So strong it made the dishes/glasses smell and had to wash them before we could stand to use them. The patio garden is lovely with wonderful exotic plants in bloom and visible while taking a shower in the garden shower. Hot tub in need of cleaning. Lots of body oils and dirt around the waterline - not real appealing. Although this house does have two bedrooms, would not recommend this house for two couples or for anyone with small children. The second bedroom is only accessible from the outside (very steep stairway from one side) and is totally separate from the rest of the house. A couple using the downstairs bedroom would certainly feel like second-class citizens (bed, end table and dehumidifier the only furniture - no TV, radio) and any child under the age of 15 or so would likely be terrified to sleep alone there. I would recommend it for people like us - just the two of us - or, perhaps, for someone with an older teen. (I still suspect the older teen might use the futon in the living room more than the second bedroom, though.) The view is quite nice - most of Coral Bay harbor and the entrance to Hurricane Hole are right in front of you. Everything worked well including the washer/dryer (outside and under the house - watch out for millipedes!). At this point, however, I could not recommend this home --- but not because of anything involving Caribbean Villas Management or the homeowners have any control over. There is a villa under construction below Seawing that shares a portion of the access road. 75%+ of the time, their construction vehicles blocked this steep, narrow (barely one lane) access roadway. It became a nightmare trying to get in and out of Seawing. Because of the 90 degree turn, we couldn't see before we got to a blockage if there was one or not. Then we would have to sit on a 30 degree angle, beeping the horn, hoping someone would come to move their vehicle. On occasion we actually had to leave the car and walk (slide) down the hill and try to hunt someone up to move their vehicles so we could get out. Once, there were cars but no one was there so we were stuck, unable to get out. The frustrating part is that there was ample off-drive parking already roughed in and available. They often just chose not to use it. I wouldn't wish this frustation on anyone vacationing so wouldn't recommend Seawing until the construction below is finished or something is done to alleviate this problem.


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