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Bongo Bongo 01/05/2007
Reviewers Rating: Stars Excellent
We stayed at Bongo Bongo on our honeymoon 10/2-10/12/2006

Will preface all this by saying itís my first time for everything. First time to St. John, first time renting a villa although I have rented other vacation homes, first time driving on the left Ė although I have yet to do that either! Charlieís behind the wheel.

I had seen the BB blog at one time when I was already booked in to a villa in the Coral Bay area. So I figured ďnext timeĒ and I moved on. Then I got cancelled out of that villa by the owners because they were going to be living there full time by the time our honeymoon rolled around. No offense to them as Iím sure itís a lovely place but that was the best thing that could have happened to us. Being on the island now I know I would not have wanted to be in Coral Bay for our first visit to St. John. To each his own on that one but we find the location of BB to be ideal for our needs.

So when I was cancelled I had to start over for a honeymoon. BB was recommended to me by a girl on a wedding related web site as she was also booked here. Turned out after the delays in construction she was the first guests of BB.

When I first saw the blog and heard the name Bongo Bongo one thing came to my mind Ė 1950ís kitsch! Donít know why but that is what I thought. However, as I followed the blog (daily I might add and a little annoyed when it wasnít updated Ė LOL) I knew that wasnít the case. Having been here a few days now I have a new description Ė West Indies casual elegance. It is exotic. It is comfortable. And .. get ready for this Ö itís SEXY! Now I donít mean that in a down and dirty, getting it on, kinda way (although that is certainly an option!). Itís more about the attention to detail that has been given to this home. There has been thought here .. and as we know .. money. Plenty of it.

I started composing this post as I was floating in the pool watching the full moon rise over Bongo Bongo, while Charlie was in the kitchen preparing our rib eyes for the grill. If that ainít sexy I donít know what is!

Iím a total dork for details. So I will be happy to tell you about a few. The lighting of this place is phenomenal. The first night we were here I was in the bedroom and when I came out to the main living area Charlie said ďOh you will love this place, this is as bright as it getsĒ. Which was perfect. The lighting really adds to the colors that have been chosen. Warmth. Inside and out. That being said on the lighting I have to mention that I have never seen so damn many light switches in one house in my life! I still have figured out how to work all the lights but seems like Charlie has. Every night at dusk he goes around flicking them all on and this house comes to life.

The mornings are wonderful here as well. Itís warm but shady if you desire it and the breezes in the morning and at night have been wonderful. And the coffee is the best there is on the island. Fresh ground of course! But as good as the morning is, the nights are fantastic. This is our 4th night here and so far we have been out to dinner once, which is fine by us. We enjoy the evenings here.

Tile. Ok, what can be said about tile, right? Well I have to tell you the choices that were made here were great ones. The tile in the kitchen in the back splash area it lovely, especially at night. Every time I look at I see a different color and it looks as if itís got crushed diamonds in it. And the tile used in the showers reminds me of a stained glass window compressed in to a teeny tiny tile.

The floors are magnificent. The colors of everything that has been done here are just so right for this place. I hope it has turned out exactly as Jeff and Russ wanted because there is not much about this home that I would change, if anything. And just so you know the lower pool veranda makes an excellent dance floor!

I smell my steaks so Iím going to wrap this up. I know the owners are likely to read this and that really has no influence in what I have to say. I feel privileged to be able to use their home for a time. I canít imagine how they come here and know they have to leave it behind. And not only leave it behind but turn it over to total strangers. So for those of you who are on your way .. take good care. Treat it like your own. Better yet, treat it like someone elseís because treating it like your own might not be good enough.

A note to Jeff and Russ Ė all I ask is that you let us in on what year you plan to live here full time! That way we know how long we renters have to live the high life!

Thanks for everything,
Mary Beth & Charlie Fraser

mary beth

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