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virgin islands on line : St. John : hotel & villa reviews

Seawatch 07/09/2007
Reviewers Rating: Great
We stayed 8 nights at Seawatch on Gifft Hill and thought the villa was okay. I would say that it has very good views, is in a relatively good location and has alot of good qualities.

My problems with the villa were that the villa shows it's age. One night, we had to put a bucket under a leak between one bedroom and the hallway. The window slats in some of the windows did not remain in place or were missing which allowed a/c to leave and bugs to come in. The bedrooms were fine, but one complaint about the "back" bedroom is that the bathroom is down the hall rather than off the room. Our bed was very comfortable. During the day, the room was not very cool even with the a/c going and the fan running. Both bedrooms had their pluses and minuses.

The kitchen was always full of mosquitos (someone even pointed that out in the guest book). Other than that, it was fine, but we didn't cook much while there. It was fully equipped though. The blender worked well!

The common area did not have a/c and was not used very much. We used it more in the evenings when things were cooler. Part of it too was that I would much rather be on the deck than inside watching TV.

There was a loft bedroom up there, but it also had no a/c. I can't imagine sleeping up there because it was HOT. We took the fan from up there and put it in the kitchen to help keep away the mosquitos.

Most of the pool was private, but at one end you could been seen from. The hot tub was not private at all. The pool was deep though if you are not tall. I did find it cold most of the time which made it not as desirable as I would have liked. It was big enough that we could swim around in it though.

They are going to be expanding the deck out further which will be nice. I spent the majority of my time at the villa sitting under the gazebo looking out at the view. The gazebo is a definite plus! I hope they keep it when they extend the deck.

We did like the separate "pods" for the bedrooms. It was nice for privacy sake.

The views were beautiful towards St. Thomas. It was high up so there were lots of good breezes. Had occasional problems with misquitos but have had much worse problems at other villas. I didn't like that we were so close to the villa on our right if you are facing the water. You could see them and they could see you. It was sometimes uncomfortable. You could also hear the people in Palm or Cloud 9 (whichever was to our left), but you couldn't see them.

As for the Gifft Hill location, we are undecided as to whether or not we would stay in that area again. It was a little out of the way. It's kinda in the middle. My problem is that we spent most of our time on Centerline, and I would have much rathered been on the North Shore road for travel because of the views. It is kinda in between Coral Bay and Cruz Bay but closer to Cruz Bay. I think we would prefer to stay closer to one or the other. We did like being higher up though.

I can't give the villa four stars because of it's aged appearance, the lack of privacy, and the things that needed to be fixed.

I don't know that I would stay there again or on Gifft Hill again, but alot of things would factor into it. We were never unhappy with the villa, just have stayed in alot better places. It was fine for the price we paid though.


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