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virgin islands on line : St. John : hotel & villa reviews

Mahogany Tree Villa (Carib Sea ) 07/14/2007
Reviewers Rating: Good
We spent 9 days at Mahogany tree in Carib Sea and I have to say I was disappointed in the Villa up on our arrival. The web site shows older pics. Im not one that requires 4 or 5 star hotels but I do feel like we were mislead and over charged.. The Home page actually shows the exterior of Gallows Point on the home page, We had never been to St John other than a day trip, we assumed that was pics of Mahogany Tree, and the home page also has older interior pics of Carib Sea. Although the villa was clean and Marilyn from Cimmaron was nice and helpful. There was no welcome basket waiting as stated in the email and the honesty bar well..honestly was a joke..under the bar was all pool chemicals and only about a 1/4 of triple sec was in the fridge. . The Blender in the villa didnt work we found this out thru trial and error ,Glad we are not big drinkers but if we had wanted one it would have been nice to have and by this time I didnt want to call Cimmaron because I had called a cpl times already. Had we not already been paid in full I would have asked for a refund and tried to find another villa..The furniture in the LR was not what was pictured on the web page instead we had a footon for a sofa and I can assure you it is not comfortable in the least...the switch for the lamp in the LR was broken and had to be plugged in by hand to get it to turn on and off. The wooden slats in the doors would not close and some were sagging therefore making it hard to cool the upstairs and some of the hand cranks were missing or stripped therefore no way to close some them at all. We hung a blanket upover them to keep the cool air in. One of the screen doors leading out to the deck on the bottom floor had been caulked shut at the bottom and one of doors upstairs had been nailed shut. Honestly, the Furniture on the decks of the other villas looked better than what we had in our villa. We couldnt enjoy sitting and watching TV for being uncomfortable on the footon. The Bar stools had an ulpholstery job that my 10 yr old could have done . Bulbs were blown and missing inside and out, but there was a 100 watt bulb in the lamp beside the bed ..also there were no outside lights to be able to see to get back in the gate after dark.. The were no lights leading down to the pool even after I called Cimmaron to let them know they were not working..the guy only repaired the landscaping ones at the pool itself. There was no cooler waiting as promised..I called...she told me they had just bought one for that unit 2 weeks prior...she said she would have one brought to us..which they did when they repaired the lights...problem was mildewed and the zipper was broken so it wouldnt close, O rings on it were rusted. I took it to the office and complained ...they replaced it with a new one..( I left wondering why they didnt give us that one to start with) finally we got a cooler..this was Tuesday...we arrived on Sat.. The staircase needs painting you can actually see the numbers on the hand is made out of PVC pipe..There was barely water pressure... I was wondering how I was to save water when it took 10 minutes to get the hot water upstairs and it took twice the time to get a shower due to the trickle of water,Im not kidding...a full 10 minutes from cold to hot.. due to no pressure..We were given 1 washcloth and 2 towels ea. for the week...and 1 beach towel ea..some of the chairs needed to be trashed..we didnt even attempt to take them to the beach with us ...maybe this is norm at the villas there...I wasnt sure... the good thing about it...there was a washer and dryer that was private (something thats not on the web page) that we did have access to use .. I called (once again) to ask them to come unlock the door to be able to get to the Washer/Dryer...Also There was no curtains on the bedroom window upstairs the neighbors could have had a great view if we hadnt used a sheet over the window. the bed was comfortable...but no head board which wasnt a big deal , but the bed itself was on wheels with a tile floormade it a little mobile ....The views werent very good as the web page says...I couldnt see thru all the trees...I assume the pics of the views were made before the trees were so big...the only thing we could see was the pond...and the car barge that goes to the back side of the island . All in all....I would not reccomend the villa to someone...would I rent it again...probably not...This was our honeymoon and all in all...we had a great time on the island and will be back again.... but not at Mahogany tree...this was probably a nice villa at one time but it does need repairs and some TLC. And for what we paid per night, I was dissapointed ...I do have pics and would be glad to answer any questions just drop me a note..and I will email the pics as they are not on the Flickr page
.. ( As a side note ).. I did contact the owners secretary and she apologized and said he would be making a trip there asap to get it in the order as to which it should be...She also offered us a 30% discount upon our next visit should we decide to return to Mahogany Tree..

Janice Shaw

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