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virgin islands on line : St. John : hotel & villa reviews

Fun and Contentment 06/01/2008
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
I couldn’t find any good reviews for this villa while I was planning our trip, so here is the first!

The villa is fairly new and everything is in great condition. The AC works fine in the bedrooms and cools them quickly in the evenings. There was a breeze, but I don’t think we would have been able to sleep without the AC. We must be spoiled!

The view is amazing. If you are an early riser you can watch the sun rise over the east end.

They do ask you to conserve water during your stay. It didn’t rain the entire time we were there and we were worried that we would run out of water. However, everything was fine.

The pool is small but adequate for a nice relaxing dip. It has sun until approximately 3:30pm. The water is warm enough to use the pool in the late afternoons, but it is not in the sun. The hot tub is wonderful! We sat out every night and watched the stars.

The kitchen is well equipped. When we visited there were many condiments and items left for our use by the previous users. Salt, Pepper, oil, spices, etc… I can’t think of anything we needed that wasn’t provided in the kitchen.

There is a washer and dryer at this villa. They are new and worked fine.

The living room area has a nice sectional couch. There is a desk with a computer. There is internet access. I was considering taking my laptop. I'm glad I didn't since a computer is provided. It worked great.

The tv's are all flat screens. There is one in each room. There is a selection of DVDs. We didn't watch any of them, but they are available if you have a rain day or kids.

I have seen several posts asking about privacy. The website uses the term “clothing optional”. I would not suggest that except for 2 spots or at night. There is a villa just above that has full view of the right side of the deck and the entire front of the villa. The front half of the pool (by the wall) and a portion of the back deck up against the villa is private. As Pia has stated, if anyone in Coral Bay has their telescope out, the villa is in full view. We are not “clothing optional”, but several times we noticed the workers at the villa above standing in a place where they could see us, if they wanted to look down. It is fairly private, but not “clothing optional” private during the day. We never felt unsafe or had any reason to think it was a bad location.

Now, about the road up to the villa. It is steep or rough, but not both at the same time. The steep parts are concrete and are fairly smooth. By St. John standards, it really isn’t too bad. The flat parts are gravel and can be a bit rough. You will need a Jeep while you are staying at this villa. The road is very narrow. We only encountered another vehicle one time. They were local and pulled over as far as they could and we were able to squeeze by them. Always stop and look as far as you can before heading up or down the steep sections. There are 2 sections that may appear worse than the rest. One of them is a hump in the road that at first sight looks very steep. Your jeep will climb right over it with no problem. The other section that takes getting used to is at the top right before you head down to the driveway. As you come up, you can not see the rest of the road. Trust me, the road is there! Luckily it leads to the driveway and you know there will be no other cars coming the opposite way. We were nervous about the road for the first couple trips, but by the end of the week, we actually enjoyed the drive. It was fun! Just take your time and you will be fine. The villa is worth the drive up!

This is a great villa and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone!


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