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virgin islands on line : St. John : hotel & villa reviews

French Cap Villa 02/24/2009
Reviewers Rating: Fair
1. Unit was described as old in some reviews. They are correct, it is old compared to other properties we have stayed in. That age showed up in cleanliness and items that didn't function properly. You can see daylight around the bathroom exit doors. Wonder if that's where all the ants and other bugs were coming from. We finally got use to having the ants clean up the carcasses of other bugs on the bathroom counter on the east bedroom. I had to keep my toiletries bag in another room, as they had it swarmed the first few mornings, I assume they were after the toothpaste or some other smell. The spiders and centipede we encountered in the kitchen were
expected, part of the ambiance of the tropics.

2. Pool leaked. We notified Care Free, they said they would send someone out, didn't see anyone. Had to fill it three times, once it started sucking air through the skimmer. Upon further inspection, I found one leak, on the right side of the skimmer. It has been repaired more than once with glue/calk. They need a new skimmer unit. If you go below and look at the timbers that support the pool, you can see that it has been leaking for years. At some point that puppy is gonna cut loose and end up on the house down the hill. Hopefully none of your guests will be partying above when it breaks away from the rest of the deck.

3. Bed bugs. My wife got bit up pretty bad the first two nights on both of her legs. Not mosquito bites, we had plenty of those too. They were from the bed in the east bedroom. We slept with covers on, so assume they were in the bed. Couldn't find anything. We are aware that there are no see um's down there. We finally moved to other bedroom, problem went away. All three of the sliding door screens have holes in them. Due to age of villa, the bead that holds the screen in place has popped out near the lock/handle. I put them back in place, but they popped out again a day or so later. Need new screen beading. The holes I'm sure contributed to the mosquito bites that we received as well. Finally starting applying OFF before going to bed.

4. Dirty. Not maid dirty. They did the normal expected surface cleaning. It's the old dirt. Walk around and look in the corners, in the doorways, on the ceiling. Cobwebs galore. Kitchen cabinets have deep down embedded dirt and grunge. Look at the ceiling fans. Not sure how old the villa is, that was the last time the fans were clean. If you watch, when you turn one on, it flings chunks of dust into the air. The fan in east bedroom is noisy as hell, by the way.

5. Light over right side of kitchen counter out, bulb is overhead light out. There is another one out, can't remember where.

6. Grout in steps going down to living room is broken and some sticking up. Cut my foot on it, but did not draw blood.

7. My wife layed her head down on the couch and suddenly popped up...Ewwwww! Sweaty body odor smell on pillow.

8. CD on stereo did not work properly. This was critical, as number 9 below truly ruined our entire vacation.

9. The villa above us was under construction for all ten days of our stay. You KNOW what that means. 7am until 5:30, constant sawing, pounding, banging. Worst part was, they are in the early stages of finishing the cement and stone work, so had a small jackhammer going multiple hours every day. Only way to drown it out was to turn up the stereo and yell at each other to communicate.

10. Beds were not that great.

11. Pool had plenty of debris. Past experience was that someone showed up during the week to clean, not here. We have a pool here. I was tempted to clean it myself, but reminded myself that I was on vacation.

Positive Features

1. Wireless internet was a plus

2. Plenty of dishes.

3. Dish scrubber was nice...oh, we bought that.

4. Wari game was great. Going to buy one.

Steve Booth

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