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Tamarind Villa 09/01/2009
Reviewers Rating: Good
We rented the Tamarind Villa in 2008 and I have struggled to write a fair review of it since. After we had booked it we saw a review in Trip Advisor, hoped it was hyper critical and then wished for the best.

Our initial reason for renting the villa was that it was close to town and our adult children where joining us with their significant others. One child was a month away from his 25 birthday and was on foot or dependent on us or his sister and brother-in-law for transport. The easy walk into town and the safety of being able to go out in the evening and not have to drive was very appealing.

Tamarind is around the corner from Gallows Point, up the hill a bit from the road to Frank Bay next to the Blue Marlin. It looks out over the roofs of Lavender Hill. Though Grand Bay has begun to block its' views of inner Cruz Bay, it still has excellent views of the outer harbor and St Thomas.

First let me say that we enjoyed staying there. We had a wonderful time that week, strolling into town, not having to look for a place to park and not worrying about the kids driving home in the evening after whatever. Walking around the grounds and the house suggested an earlier time on St John. Would I recommend it to anyone? No.

The villa itself was built in 1963 and is a bit long in the tooth. It is clean if a little shabby. I think Great Caribbean Getaways does the best it can given the constraints apparently placed on them by the owner. It has a large deep and well maintained pool and when we where there a landscaped, gone a little wild, area around it. I think an old St John hand would find the place fascinating. The place was built for parties and there is plenty space for it. Everything works and we cooked in the kitchen and grilled on the grill. We slept well and instead of awakening to cock crows in the morning we were awakened by the first ferry of the morning something familiar to those who stay at Lavender Hill and Gallows I'm sure.

In its' day it must have been a grand place and saw its' share of wonderful tropical parties. This is not to say that it is as deteriorated as Miss Havisham's estate in Great Expectations, but it has seen better days. That being said its' style harks back to age on St John that is long gone and for that alone it is an interesting place with its' proximity to town and wonderful pool to recommend it. If Great Caribbean Getaways has given up representing it then some caution would be required in renting, but if they still represent the place I would not discount it as long as you understand what you are walking into. We enjoyed our stay and recall it fondly.


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