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Zozo's 03/13/2006
Reviewers Rating: Good
The good, the bad and the ugly!

This has to be the hardest review for me to write, but I am going to be honest. I don’t really like Zozo’s…let me explain…

The good: YES, the food was good, very good,as good as the other “best’s” I have given a few other restaurants. YES, the view is stunning, BUT that brings me to…

The bad: It’s a people issue. The staff is distant, certainly not engaging. Service is OK, but I get such an attitude here that it makes me uncomfortable. Dining here is pricey, I go in understanding that, but with that I don’t want the kind of attitude I get here. It is almost as if they know how good their food is so they lay on an attitude. Also, this was not our first experience of discomfort here, but I wanted to give them another chance. Personally I don’t understand it…their food is no better than several of the other excellent restaurants we visited, but people do help make you feel welcome in every other establishment we dined. I just find it so disappointing in atmosphere.

The ugly: Hmm...well we experienced what I hope was an isolated bizarre incident here. Last Sat PM, March 4, a party of 4, certainly old enough to know better, overindulged diners took sport in tossing wine glasses over their rail edge dining table. The glasses crashed to the sidewalk below. My guess is that they got off on the shock and dismay of the other patrons of the evening. It was more annoying than anything to witness this group repeatedly endanger others below by continuing their behavior with little comment from the management. After 2 glasses had been tossed we left but I have since learned that the tossing continued for another couple glasses. Management was reluctant to “manage” the situation and did nothing while we were there. A busman was cleaning up glass number one when glass number 2 came hurling to the very sidewalk he was cleaning up. I was told that management was hesitant to “upset” the drunken patrons due to a $450 bill. Sorry but that’s relative to our bill for 2, so that doesn’t make sense to me. I expect they would like to reexamine that approach they took as many more patrons were annoyed by management allowing their ridiculous behavior to continue.

That’s it; I’m done…disappointing in the long run!


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