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Le Château de Bordeaux 01/15/10 01/26/2010
Reviewers Rating: Fair
Over all the view is breath-taking and the atmosphere is very nice, but to us the food was just average (about Applebee's quality) for $24-$32 a plate. But, I guess those prices, for lower quality, are to be expected on the islands, where everything has to be imported. The most troubling part of our experience happened when the check arrived. It was about $380 for 4 people! Over double what it should have been. Hopefully an honest mistake, but when we brought it to their attention they tried to justify it by showing us the itemized receipt. While we were going over it I pointed out that we were double charged for almost every dish and there were things on the list we never even ordered. They took the the waitresses hand written bill of our actual orders and recalculated them in their register and came up with the correct amount about $163. They begrudgingly apologized by saying "Things happen." We payed them the correct amount and left on good terms. I guess I only mention this because I over heard another group complain about the same thing before we left. Either their register is malfunctioning or they figure every once and awhile one will slip through and not be noticed. I'm hoping it's the former. If you decide to eat there just double check your bill before you pay.


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