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Bolongo Bay Beach Club

USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews:

Renissance Grand Beach Resort 10/12/01
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
The USVI and British Virgin Islands are so close to each other. Unbelievable snorkeling. We swam with dolphins; saw tons of different kinds of fish and coral. We saw an octopus. Take lots of pictures. We went to the British Virgin Islands to the Baths. It is really cool. Bring your snorkel gear. We also went a Bay in Norman Island, which is part of the British Virgin Islands. This Bay has a huge sailboat that has a restaurant and bar. You just raft up to it in the middle of the Bay. I highly recommend you to go there. Right out of the same Bay is Indian something. It is like four rocks in the middle of the water. We snorkeled around there as well. The BEST snorkeling I found was in St John around Watermelon Cay, which is in Watermelon Bay. I Highly recommend snorkeling there. It was so awesome. The west side of the Cay has really great stuff. Another couple that went there before us saw tons of turtle there. We didn't. I cannot name all the fish but it was great. The coral and plants are so colorful. Huge starfish!

I also recommend in Trunk Bay in St. John around Trunk Cay. I had tons of fish around me. We saw an octopus there not as good view as Corki Beach in St. Thomas. They have an underwater Trail near Trunk Cay. It was pretty cool. I had some small Barracudas and Yellow tail fish swarmed around me. It was cool. When I started to swim the yellow tail was following me. I would stop. They would catch up to me and go around me then I swim some more. They just kept following me. It was awesome. When I started to go in shore they were following me. I would stop periodically and let them catch up and start again. They stopped when I got to close to shore. It was so cool.

In reef Bay in St. John was an awesome huge reef but you can only mooring up their no anchor. Unbelievable stuff. We took the Reef Bay trail. What a long hike up a mountain. We also saw some Petrograhs, which are carving in rock dated back before Columbus.

Meagan Bay in St Thomas for the snorkeling aspect was nothing to write home about. The Beach is pretty, but I was not there to sunbath.

Corki Beach is the Best in St. Thomas. It is adjacent to Coral World and the Renaissance Hotel. We saw an Octopus. A really good size one in fact we took a picture of it. Make sure you bring enough underwater camerasā we had 3 and that wasn't enough. So much to see in the water at USVI and British Virgin Islands

At you will find some really good maps that I took with me. These maps were better than any map I found given to tourists. The map is of St. John and where all the reef locations are in pink. Great for people whom snorkle and divers.

I recommend reading Treasure Island before you go on your trip. It is based on the true story of Blackbeard that ruled in the waters in that area. The landmarks and etc are true. We saw some Island In British Virgin Islands were Blackbeard dropped off some of his crewmembers to die. There only hope was to try to swim to Peter Island. They never made it. They call that area of water something like Dead Passage or something like that. Norman Island in British Virgin Island has that huge cave referred in the Treasure Island book that a whole ship can hide in. I guess Blackbeard use to go in there. Well centuries later a fisherman named Norman was fishing outside of the Island and a bad storm rolled in. Norman hide in the cave for refuge until the storm blew over. When he was inside, he started to get hungry. So he trough his net in the water and pulled up some fish and some silver coins. He took those coins to Tortola. (Part of the British Virgin Islands) and asked to p! urchase the Island. They told him it was a worthless Island and asked why he wanted to purchase it. He told him he wanted to herd goats on the island. Well, he purchased the Island and Unfortunetly he only found enough coins to purchase the Island. The Island is named after him. Norman Island.

WARNING!!! The food is very expensive. Average $22-$29 an entree. We both each got a soup. Awesome Conch chowder down there and split and entree. We still had plenty of food left over. They have large portions.

On the East side of St. John is a harbor called Coral Bay. If you happen to go there to grab something to eat I recommend going to Skinny Leggs. Best Mai mai sandwich and burger. It is a local place so the food is very reasonable. It is on the East side of the Island not too far from Norman Island. If you ever go into Cruz Bay in St. John, I recommend Mongoose Junction for their Caribbean Food. BEST Conch chowder. Also in Cruz Bay is Cafe Roma, which is across from Duffy's Love Shack. Great Pasta. The love shack is a happening place for nightlife. At St. Thomas walking distance from the hotel is a restaurant that I highly recommend. It is Italian the people at the desk would know the name. It is popular. Also the hotel next door, which is walking distance also, and if you like a romantic candle light dinner I recommend walking up the hill to this restaurant. The food at the Renaissance isnāt worth the money. We ended up eating elsewhere. Overall the place was real! ly, really nice and I would go again in a harp beat.

Oh, if it happens to be a full moon when you go down to the British Virgin Islands. The happening place is Tortola. They have a full moon party on the beach that last all night long. We didn't go because of the ferry schedule to get back was not convenient.


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