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USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews:

Best Western Carib Beach 11/30/2003
Reviewers Rating: Excellent
I read the review from "Scott" after I had already made my reservation for Carib Beach. Needless to say I was a little worried. That is, until I arrived at Carib Beach Resort myself. This hotel is very charming and has great rooms. The price is the best on the island, and service was better than most places we visited. The rooms were very clean and well kept, the overall property was in good condition and the hotel was in the process of making numerous improvements.
St. Thomas is a unique place to say the least. My wife and I toured the island and in the end were very glad that we stayed at Carib Beach. We were treated very well and we enjoyed our room. So, why was this guy "scott" complaining? Maybe he expects the Ritz Carlton for $100 a night! Most small hotels, and even the B&B's, charge more than Carib Beach. With Best Western, at least you know basically what you are getting standards wise. The next most affordable room we found in St. Thomas was almost twice the price of Carib Beach, if you go on vacation to sit in your hotel room then maybe another hotel would serve you better, but if you are active and are only needing a quality, safe, convienent, fairly priced hotel..then Carib Beach Resort is the perfect hotel.

William Vanderbilt

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