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USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews:

Secret Harbour 01/29/2004
Reviewers Rating: Fair
We were extremely unhappy with Secret Harbour. The only nice thing about SH is the view. There are plenty of nice hotels on St. Thomas - stay at one of those - not Secret Harbour. When we got there, our unit was not clean and the cleaning staff was nothing but rude when asked to reclean the unit! The person who cleaned our room basically told us it was not their responsibility to reclean a room. They said that the person who originally cleaned it should reclean it. We didn't care who cleaned it, we just wanted a clean unit. The hot water heaters did not work well so we all had to take hot showers and the air conditioning was terrible!
Our stay would have been nicer if the staff was more pleasant. Ernest was the only one who was half way decent and did try to accommodate us somewhat, but even Ernest became arrogant at times. When you are spending that much money for a vacation, you don't want dirty rooms and unpleasant staff. If there were no stars, that would be what our rating would be. Saying this place is fair is being too nice.


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