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USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews:

Magen's Point Resort 03/08/2004
Reviewers Rating: Fair
I am not even sure this place deserves one star. Would definitely not recommend staying here till the resort does a complete overhaul including staff members in which 80% of them were unfriendly and couldn't be bothered with your request. The management team and staff simply do not care about you the tourist.

Rooms I stayed in were dirty/disgusting and many things were broken or missing. Our first room the coffee maker was broken, air conditioner had a putrid smell, sheets were torn, screen door was not working, limited tv stations, the plumbing in our bathroom was backwards - H meant Cold and C meant Hot - thankfully we were traveling with small children! The second room we were moved to after our first room was broken into WHILE we were sleeping - luckily I woke up to start screaming and scared the intruder away before he took anything. Remind you I HAD to REQUEST a new room and the Management people were not even concerned our room was broken into. They refused to talk to me the next day and have yet to respond to my letter that I sent. They completely ignored us....That gives you an idea of what they think of tourists coming to their resort and spending money -- they simply DO NOT care about you!

The intruder came in through our bathroom window (NO screen like the other rooms) so obviously this isn't the first time the room was targeted, low lighting throughout our area, and it took security a very long time to respond to us (thankfully the intruder just ran away and did not intend to harm us because god only knows what would have happened to us by the time the resort responded! - I had to call the front desk 3 times before someone picked up the phone -- then had to call back when noone showed up.

Ok so lets' get back to our second room that I requested since our first room was now 'unsafe' (remind you here I requested)-- first of all the most disgusting thing was the cleaning people never changed the sheets after the previous people checked out -- I found dirty used tissues under the pillows -- took me THREE calls to get someone to bring me clean sheets which showed up 2 hours later, the floor was so dirty my bottoms of my feet were black, the towels were worn and thin, the shower dripped all night, the dresser drawers were broken and were hard to open, had 2 microwaves because one didn't work, the toilet had a hard time 'flushing', no soap even after our room was supposedly cleaned....and to top it all off I found some cockroaches.

To describe the overall resort area - hopefully you love cats because there are a ton of them. Roosters give you the wake up call at 4am. The jacuzzi was broke which I hear has not been working now for quite sometime, restaurant had a very limited menu, there was NO free shuttle to and from the town/beaches like advertised - so get a car - save you a ton of money, the women's bathroom was out of order all week and staff told you to use the men's room which was filthy, smelled and probably wasn't cleaned all week!

Beach towels were always unavailable -- pointer find the laundry room and talk to the people working in there.

I would highly highly recommend people not to stay here.


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