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Bolongo Bay Beach Club

USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews:

Point Pleasant Resort 07/12/2004
Reviewers Rating: Fair
Actually 0 stars. I checked in 7:30 pm Wednesday, July 7, and was robbed in my room 6:30 am Thursday, July 8. The thief either had a key or picked the lock -- no forcible entry was found by the police. The story gets even better. I was in the bathroom for a few minutes while this happened!! While in the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of the thief -- who was wearing a staff shirt. The man said "good morning" and left as if embarrased to have disturbed a guest. Moments later, I discovered my billfold was missing, and later, a gold necklace. Total cost of this fiasco was $1600. The night manager who came to the room to "help" turned rude, obnoxious, and useless. I firmly believe that I was targeted by the staff during check in -- as I was in St. Thomas on business, and had my computer case, a decent watch, good clothes, and luggage. Management of this fine establishment has yet to reply to any email. By the way, I have worked all over the world, and never run into a mess such as this. If you go to this dump, wear your old clothes, carry no jewelry, have luggage from K-Mart, leave all but one credit card at home.

Eric Cunningham

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