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USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews:

Point Pleasant Resort 07/15/2004
Reviewers Rating: Good
IMHO, Point Pleasant could use some serious renovation. I liked the location and the pools although we never used them, and we loved Fungi's. The pictures on the website look a whole lot better than what our room was like. We had a two bedroom, two bath with sunken living room at the top of the hill. While it was very spacious with a great view, it was really old and dirty looking. I took one shower in the tiled master bedroom shower and from then on, used the guestroom bath, as it had a bathtub. The reason was the tiled shower looked so gross it just gave me the creeps. Actually all the floors were dirty looking. It took us a while to realize that it probably wasn't dirt, just so old that it looked dirty, no matter how clean it actually was. The appliance were old and worn and the fridge didn't work very well. The was a major ant problem but a little Raid took care of that. It was hard to sleep because the air conditioner was pretty loud, but after the second night we got used to it just in time to check out:) They did have a new cd player and tv and i liked the decor, bamboo couch and such. As I said it was really big and spacious. It's one of those places you want to love but they make it pretty hard to even like it:) If you stay on the hill, be prepared to walk up and down hill a lot! One other thing that bothered us was that the vending machines were always out of water.
The upside is Fungi's. I loved this place, right on the water, good drinks and really cool staff. They have a little gift shop and Morningstar Daysails leave from there. You can walk over to Pineapple Beach from Fungi's.
If the management were to go in a remodel PP, we would definitely stay here again.


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