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USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Hotel, Resort & Villa Reviews:

Wyndham Sugar Bay 05/11/2006
Reviewers Rating: Fair
The power problem at this hotel resulted in the worst hotel experience I have ever had, and I have traveled a lot. If I knew they were relying on their own questionable power source separate from the rest of the island I would have stayed away. Power was down 3 days in a row: no lights, no AC, no running water, no toilets, no shower, no food, no filtered/chlorinated pool, no phones, no TV etc... At night it became a frightening experience with some people swearing at each other outside their rooms, and a fight broke out in the lobby (hotel staff did nothing). There was not a single staff member or security person walking the grounds to ensure people's safety in the total darkness.
On top of all this the hotel staff was so awful and made things even worse. They would laugh and joke among themselves, but as soon as a guest tried to ask a question about what was happening they became cold and silent and said they had no information to give us, and acted like we were interupting their busy schedule to ask silly questions. At some point they decided not to answer the front desk phone anymore. I called the main Wyndham HQ number in the US and they told me they couldn't do anything and that I should keep trying to get in touch with the front desk. No one on the staff offered any information or reached out to the guest to help. The only effort made in the 3 days was a few cases of bottled water left out front of the hotel.
Luckily, I had booked the second half of my vacation at Point Pleasant next door - even nicer than the reviews I read! I was happy to get away from Wyndham and felt bad for the others who were still stuck there. At checkout they would offer absolutely no compensation and told me I would need to call the manager at another time to ask for compensation.
Shameful. Shame on Wyndham. Don't risk your vacation here.


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