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Wyndham Sugar Bay 12/04/2008
Reviewers Rating: Great
We stayed at Wyndham Sugar Bay for a 6 days and thought it was nice, but it did have some minor flaws. I've read numerous reviews online with people complaining about petty things with Wyndham Sugar Bay. I can tell you these are the 10% of the people in the world that are just completely unreasonable, never satisfied with anything and have a high and mighty sense of entitlement. I've been to many places in the Caribbean and would rate this ALL INCLUSIVE resort a 7.0 on a scale of 10.
The rooms were acceptable with plenty of room and clean. The bathrooms are a nice size and the beds are comfortable. The balcony is a addition, even without an ocean view. How much time do you really spend in your room when on vacation anyway? The TV's had good cable selection of shows and the internet access was WiFi, fairly quick and reliable. The hotel, lobby, gift shops and restaurants were nice and relatively clean. The grill near the pool is an indoor outdoor area so wildlife(ducks, birds) MAY stop by. This is part of being in a tropical outdoor environment. Some people are turned off by it and others find it just part of being outside. The staff can only do some much to keep birds and ducks away. These animals are native to the area, so this is understandable.

The stairs from the hotel to the beach/pool area are a beating....but with the mountainous area of the islands its necessary. Yes, having to go back to your room can be a hike, so I'd not recommend this resort to an older "less mobile" type of person. But once your down there everything you need is accessible. Like drinks, food and the beach. The pool and beach area is nice, could maybe use a little maintenance here and there(new pool plaster) but still its nice and relaxing. The beach is a little small and can be a tad bit rocky on one end. But its very private(from locals or other resorts). The snorkeling is decent. But even better at Coki beach 2 mins away. The water temp was 85 degrees, comfortable and inviting. They provided plenty of lounge chairs to sit on as well. There is no swim up bar. The pool area is more geared towards families and just sort of hanging out. But there is a bar a few feet from the pool.

The food was not great but good. You have to understand food in the Caribbean is cooked and prepared differently and might not always taste same as in the states. Most will like it, while others cant understand why spaghetti in the Caribbean taste differently than in the states. And because of that they give the food a negative review. But most people can find something they like. The dinners were nice. I looked forward to breakfast. One thing I would like to mention regarding the food service, although we were ALL INCLUSIVE we still felt mildly pressured to tip when signing for our food tickets. If your all inclusive everything is included but you still have to sign a ticket for your meals and drinks with your room number. Why? I donít knowÖhmm? And we often felt guilty for not tipping when the staff would present a ticket at the end of the meal. Once or twice we did, but most of the time we didnít. The meals and drinks where VERY EXPENSIVE. Breakfast for 2 was on average $45-50. We have always traveled all inclusive, so when we would see the food and drink totals we were definitely glad we did. I cant see how anyone could justify not going all inclusive here with the food prices the way they are. SUGGESTION: What they need to do is issue a wrist band or something upon check in so the staff knows you are all inclusive and to not present you with a ticket. I think this would alleviate some of that awkwardness.

The staff was courteous for the most part. Some are just quiet and keep to themselves and donít always say much. As opposed to Jamaica were I feel the people are always super friendly and always smiling. I think thatís just a cultural thing. I donít expect people to kiss my azz while I'm on vacation, like I've read some reviews from people on here. But I do expect them to be helpful and welcoming which most were.

There is NO SCUBA DIVING at Wyndham Sugar Bay. Which was very disappointing to find out when we got there as we had planned to dive while there. We ended up going to Coki Beach literally across the bay(less than a mile away). They were SUPER COOL and a lot of fun. HIGHLY recommend them for diving in St. Thomas. Peter and Tobi are great.

The bell boys at the front were nice and helpful when needing a taxi or whatever. The weather was nice too. In tropical places it may rain for short periods of time. Its was mainly sunny with some small 10 minute showers on 2 days. No big deal though.

Activities for kids? yes, there are bumper boats, mini golf and an arcade that we didnít get to play but it looks like it would keep some kids occupied for some time. They also offered Jet Skis on the beach (guided tour) and other water sports like kayaks, snorkel gear and whatnot. The main pool was neat with the waterfalls and bridge that went over it, especially at night. The beach has little showers to rinse off the sand and saltwater if needed.

Ultimately the resort as a whole is nice, considering its one of the 2 all inclusive resorts on the island. Others might offer something more here or there but for your money being an all inclusive I think its the best all inclusive on St. Thomas for now.(Dec 2008) The property is about 25-30 minutes from the airport, realistically. Maybe longer if they make some stops to pick up other guests at other resorts. But itís a pleasant and scenic ride as there plenty to look at along the way. Red Hook is the nearest ferry port to get to St. John and its very close at about 5 mins away.

Here is a link to some HD video of the resort. Or search for Wyndham Sugar Bay.


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