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USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Restaurant Reviews:

Reviewers Rating: Great
We reviewed this section quite extensively before our trip and also reviewed the Fodors forum.

Raves for The Toad and Tart English Pub! I still have that day's menu in front of me and can't wait to return to have more of Anna's delicious food.

The place itself is welcoming from the minute you walk through the front door and the bartender gives you a cheery "Good Evening" while Anna pokes her head out of the kitchen to do the same thing.

Before going into the dining room, we sat at the bar and had a cocktail and a couple of English beers on tap. Her kitchen is open to the bar area and you can see that the kitchen is really clean as she makes the food and she's always wiping and cleaning after she's prepared anything.

We opted to eat in the air conditioned non smoking dining area, although even eating at the bar tables or the bar would have been fine because the fans dissipated any smoke in the bar.

The non smoking area is like sitting in your own living room. Carpeted floor, comfortable seating, neat prints and photographs on the walls, loads of books and frogs (sorry, toads) everywhere. The TV was on but quietly and if we were the only people in there it could have been turned off but a couple of others were watching something on A and E which was fine.

We went on Thursday which was roast duck night and one of our party of four had that which was truly out of this world! But the rest of us were thrilled with ours too. We tried the meatloaf, the Shepherd's Pie and the steak and kidney pie and couldn't have been more happy with the service, the presentation and the taste of everything.

Rasha was our bartender/waitperson that night and she was fabulous. Although she was busy with the bar and other people, she made sure that we were well taken care of.

Anna herself came out for a chat and to make sure that we were happy. We got talking to her and she was such a character - a long history on the island and lots before that - and we could have spent the night with her but she had to get back to fill other orders.

We realized after a while that she runs the whole place by herself and does all the cooking herself, with only the help of a bartender in the evening and we were amazed at the variety and diversity of food she could come up with.

We had her fabulous apple pie with homemade cinnamon ice cream for dessert, along with the suicidal chocolate brownie dessert and the strawberry sorbet with strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries.

When we got the bill we couldn't really believe how little we had spent for such great food.

Even better, we really felt welcome and not, as in some places we went to on our trip, as just part of the customer crowd.

We plan on being back in St. Thomas next year with a couple of other friends and there is no doubt in our minds that we will be spending a lot more time at The Toad and Tart to enjoy the wonderful food and ambiance!


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