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USVI-On-Line: St. Thomas Restaurant & Dining Reviews:

East End Cafe 03/02/2005
Reviewers Rating: Fair
The East End Cafe has been the worst dining experience I have ever encountered. The food and waitstaff were fine, but the manager was beyond rude. My eleven month old had begun to fuss and I picked her up to console her, as I was rocking her (she was nearly asleep), the manager, who was working as the bartender, told me that if I didn't quiet her I would have to take her outside. (Where it is dark and dangerous.) I could not believe it. We had spent well over a hundred dollars for a couple of pasta dishes, and this man had the nerve to treated me like I was a brawling drunken bar guest. I have spent ten years in the restaurant business, and never have I seen anything like this. Each customer should be treated with respect, even your smallest. I wondered why business was so slow when I walked in the door, and it is obvious the reason is this man doesn't value his guests, especially families. We paid and got our food to go. I am just sorry that that man got any of my money.

Tuesdai Ingulia

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