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Another Island ?

Travel discussion for St. John

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Another Island ?

Postby philbetm » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:44 pm

Well, we are coming back to STJ in July .....but....we also want to take another vacation in Oct. We would like to go to another Island . We also know that there is not another place that even comes close to STJ. That said....any suggestions on an Island that would be good for a week stay ? I have been told by a friend that the farther south we go the less likely we will have to worry about a hurricane.

We have cruised a lot and spent many " 1 " day port exploring in other places. The last being this past October in the " A-B-C islands as they are called. Just don't know where to go ! We have been visiting STJ since 2001 . We are all day beach kind of people. We enjoy laid back and easy going.

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Re: Another Island ?

Postby jan » Thu Feb 16, 2017 7:14 pm

I would suggest Anguilla. It is a flat scrubby island but has some of the best beaches and most clear water that I have ever seen and the people of Anguilla are so friendly and welcoming. St John will always be my number one but Anguilla is a close second. Check out
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Re: Another Island ?

Postby equineannie » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:49 am

Dominca is my go to, it is beautiful and the people are wonderful. Great beaches, rain forest interior and a real sense of being in the Caribbean. No cruisers, their true culture shines through.
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Re: Another Island ?

Postby KidLiggy » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:29 am

I'll second Anguilla, we went there many years before it became difficult to get there from the Midwest, then we found STJ. Very laid back and many great beaches, hotels for all price ranges. I keep meaning to try Anegada as well.
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Re: Another Island ?

Postby PA Girl » Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:10 pm

Virgin Gorda compares very favorably to STJ with many lodging options that allow for a short walk to the beach. Driving on VG is very easy and beach parking is no problem. In October, you will probably have the place to yourself.

Anguilla is wonderful. You will be spoiled by the beachfront or just off the beach lodging options. Many beaches have low key bars and restaurants with loungers and umbrellas.

Provo, Turks and Caicos has fantastic beaches. While parts are built up, its easy to find some place quiet. Very good restaurants and tons of lodging options right on the beach. The downside is food and drink is very expensive due to import duties.
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PA Girl
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Re: Another Island ?

Postby Pulley » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:29 pm

Sherry, it really depends on what you are looking to do. My son lives on Grand Cayman and I had made up my mind that I wouldn't like it. Surprise we had a great time. Great snorkeling and diving, great food all over and very easy to get a round.

Another beautiful day in SC!
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Re: Another Island ?

Postby RickG » Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:10 pm

Vieques and Culebra are great as are Anguilla and Virgin Gorda. All will be quiet in October. Grenada and south to avoid hurricanes? I'd rather rely on trip insurance.

Cheers, RickG
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Re: Another Island ?

Postby philbetm » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:27 pm

Sorry everyone...I had to get my password reset. Couldn't post a reply for some reason.

Vieques and Virgin Gorda are two of the places we have been considering . Glad to see them suggested here by trusted sources. We have been to Grand Cayman on several Cruise ship trips and taken tours of the Island. Tom doesn't get too excited over spending a week there....too flat he said.

Wait and see...we will probably end up on STJ again ! Just hard to top. :lol:
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Re: Another Island ?

Postby Bigcheeze » Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:58 am

GTC Green Turtle Cay part of the Abacos in the Bahamas. We 'cheated' on STJ last year and stayed at a house ON the beach and drove around in golf carts and rented an 24' runabout for 3 days for just $400. Paul and Tracy( from the forum) have been and love it too. And Vicki H a long time STJ Forumite has a House for rent on one of the islands there too

It wasn't STJ...but it was special.
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Re: Another Island ?

Postby philbetm » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:04 am

Bigcheeze , who did you go thru to rent a house ? That sounds like something I really want to check out . Where do you fly in too ? Do you know Vicki H forum
name ? Lots of questions huh ? But you've got my interest up ! :)

Thanks, Sherry
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