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Post-Irma news

Travel discussion for St. John

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Re: Post-Irma news

Postby Agent99 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:45 pm

There are several articles in the Boston Globe (pay wall) about STJ and this posted a few hours ago about a couple and their 2 young children and their experience.
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Re: Post-Irma news

Postby Coconuts » Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:22 pm

St. John's North Shore beaches were pummeled two days ago by extremely high swells, produced by Hurricane Jose, which is still lurking well north of the VI. The peak swell height during Irma was 23 feet; Jose produced swells of 35 feet!

On a personal note, a guest from 2016 alerted us to a helicopter photo that perfectly framed Coconuts and Plumeria. We are very happy to report that all interior roofs held firm. We did sustain some damage, but it is reasonably modest, in outdoor areas, and will be fairly straightforward to repair once power is restored. We expect that power throughout the island will be restored sooner than with Marilyn in 1995, but to put things into perspective, that took four months. We are sending funds to the helicopter outfit, who have been selflessly flying each and every day on their dime to help document the damage. Guests have asked about charitable donations to help with recovery; here is what we are responding with:
For immediate disaster relief, St. John Rescue ( is the key provider. A helpful coordinator of many different island charitable and non-profit organizations is the St. John Community Foundation ( Beyond rescue efforts, the main issue is how to take care of people whose living accommodations have been destroyed. Many of these folks depend on tourism for their income, and that has now stopped, so they face a double whammy. In the past, we have used the St. John Revolving Fund to address particular cases where someone was in need of financial help, typically for medical care. Their website is down, but you can see them here: ... able-trust.

Giant swells from Jose.jpg
Giant swells from Hurricane Jose

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Re: Post-Irma news

Postby mls10 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:50 pm

Thank you to all the posts showing houses and villas.

I may have missed them, but I have tried hard to see photos of SEAclusion, Stoneridge, and the front of massive villa that used to be the Collinson's house at the mouth of Great Cruz Bay (east side).

Anybody find them?
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Re: Post-Irma news

Postby Barbara » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:43 pm

Thanks to Quiana Adams for all the aerial photos so we can know how to help and how to pray.
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Re: Post-Irma news

Postby Suziekue » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:50 am

Hi All, I wanted to add that I donated to St. John Rescue & my employer does the company match, I emailed the instructions to them to claim the company match & the Chief's wife Margaret responded confirming she would make sure they followed through to double the donation. I thought it was so cool that she was helping & so on top of things. I've also signed up with Adopt A Family, USVI to prepare & ship two larger priority boxes full is necessities & food, I received a family with 3 children & one elderly person. Trying to do whatever I can from afar. I apologize that I couldn't get the links to post but both have FB pages so if interested I'm sure you can find them.
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Re: Post-Irma news

Postby loria » Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:17 am

After many days aid is finally getting into coral bay better -- (this is news from a couple of days ago ) - stuff has been coming directly into the harbor from volunteer boats - coral bay is a wreck - SKinny's roof is still there but that whole area has a lot of rebuilding to do - pickles is gone, oasis sustained a lot of roof damage , island blues a wreck, pickles is gone, cocoloba has a lot of damage, thirsty dokey as well, shipwreck is gone - pizza bar is still standing from what i have heard - many have evacuated and many have lost everything --- island is going to need a lot of love in the coming months -- and once the island is ready -- its going to need tourism - there is NO post getting thru as of yet -- but amazon has said they will waive shipping fees to the USVI (but you HAVE to contact customer service and it's sort of a pain to get shipping charges reversed -- there is a desperate need for mosquito repellant (natural) tarps (apparently FEMA is only handing out tarps to people who are living in a residence ?-- i am trying to confirm that as true) chainsaws, sawza;ls, -- HOPEFULLY cell service will be restored to bordeaux /coral bay the 19th-20th? there is limited cell service on gifft hill (near the fork in the road ) and as i am sure everyone is aware the roof of ROnnies -- they did set up a wireless antenna on top of jakes so there is some internet available in town -- edited to add that Chateau bordeaux and the shops there are all gone
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