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Trip summary March 18th-29th and long trip blog

Travel discussion for St. John

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Trip summary March 18th-29th and long trip blog

Postby cindygad » Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:23 am

So thankful we went. The island still has everything we are looking for. It was our favorite trip so far. Our love has grown with great admiration what this tiny island has accomplished in such a little time.

Jeep rental

Courtsey has always treated us right. Business building is being rebuilt. We did our contract in new van-office for now . Discount for return customers 10% and 6% discount if pay cash.

Angel Roost

Eighth time renting studio in lower level of their home.


Francis, Scott, Turtle, Haulover North and South, Denis, Trunk, Saltpond, Grootpan, Waterlemon.

all beautiful.


Rhumblines pu pu platter and pad thia to die for

Miss lucy, It is all about Grouper Reuben and homemade fries ate here twice

Aqua bisto, crunchy grouper good pasta salad not so much

Skinney legs,Burgers are large and just ok great place to see game

Indigo grill Fish tacos are great

North shore Deli good and love coconut bar aka crack bar

Sam and Jacks IMHO best deli sandwiches

Stores well stocked


picture perfect, sunny to little cloudy two short rain showers the whole time


minimal the island has been dry for a few weeks. A few mosquitos still found my husband.

Neso tent a bust. It was not windy and little gust would bring the poles down. Saw pacific breeze tent for two that looked like it would of been a better choice.The little chair umbrellas would not of been enough shade for me. Able to find some shade if there early on a few beaches,


Thanks to all who cleared the hiking trails. Rams head seemed better than before. Brown Bay was great. Haulover North the best ever.


excited to be back in January because there was lots of areas we did not get to this trip.

Some of the shallow areas took big hit. Waterlemon to far right towards point was wiped out. Snorkeling the cay still had a little but nothing like before

Haulover North

Elk horn and pillar coral was damaged but still a great snorkel. Weather was calm and we were able to snorkel further out towards point.


Actually was pretty good

Brown Bay to left was good far out.

Salt pond ok to left and good at center rocks

Francis still has turtles, rays and even 4 small manta rays,

Trees, flowers and cactus

it is amazing how much growth has happened since hurricane.

Most cactus were knocked over but are so resilient how the new growth is coming back.


Working hard to get all removed. We could see a big dent even in the 12 days we were there.


Very happy to have visitors back. Many wonderful conversations with locals.

Warning blog very picture intense
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Re: Trip summary March 18th-29th and long trip blog

Postby AquaGirl » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:14 pm

Thank you for taking the time to write this trip report and post photos. We loved reading about your St John adventures and it was nice to get an update on the recovery. Very sad to see pics of the destruction and so sorry to hear about damage to coral in shallow areas. I wondered how those tents for beach shade would work. Thanks for reporting on that too. I need shade, so I was thinking about those tent/shades. Glad you enjoyed your trip!
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Re: Trip summary March 18th-29th and long trip blog

Postby hoosierdaddy » Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:51 pm

Thanks for taking the time to post. I always enjoy your travel log. Every time I see pictures from St. John the island looks more and more like it's old self. Cannot wait to get back.
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Re: Trip summary March 18th-29th and long trip blog

Postby Pickle » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:16 pm

Thank you so much for your trip report. It made me absolutely wish to be there...

We just made a long distance move - and once we are settled in with our new lives and as soon as we have a budget to return to St. John, we will. We had been visiting the island yearly for a long time - so this 20-months-so-far and it-will-surely-be-longer "gap" has been a little tough to take. As much as I enjoyed your report, I couldn't help sighing here and there.

In the past, getting to St. John was rather easy since we always took a non-stop flight out of the NYC area to STT. From now on, we'll have to find the best flights considering schedules, connections and prices. With that and the long gap (on top of the stressful long distance move), I can imagine we will be extremely happy and grateful when we can finally return to St. John... hopefully sooner rather than later.
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