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Room reserved :)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 10:48 pm
by onislandtime
Made out room reservations at the Elysian for our 2011 vacation, first two weeks of November. Now to figure out these crazy airfares :?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:27 am
by Connie
That's a tough one for sure. I can only see the prices of airfare going up considering the present oil crisis (if there is one).

I think it was 2008 when we paid 750.00 per ticket (there were 12 of us). Boy, that hurt.

You have some time, so check out kayak daily and then pounce on a fair price.

Good luck!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:45 am
by onislandtime
I've always been able to find the best airfare at this time of year for November travel, last year we paid $315/pp/rt from Chicago, this year I have a couple of points programs to try to use or find good fares. I love the hunt.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:45 pm
by VIlanders
We love the Elysian and stay there every February in our timeshare. The grounds are beautiful. They also did a nice job on room renovations this year. The pool, beach, hot tub and restaurants make this a great resort.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:41 am
by Exit Zero
I find If I continually check the airlines website -- once in awhile a fare appears that is a buy.