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We're booked for the BVIs!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:36 am
by AquaGirl
Last year we took a 2 week trip to Tortola and Peter Island for a special anniversary trip. We loved it so much, we are doing it again this year. Going in June - can't wait. We've had a challenging year dealing with FIL's house and estate, so we used that as an excuse to go back to PI.

Last year on Tortola, we stayed at Icis Villas in Brewer's Bay. We loved the location of Icis because Brewer's Bay has great snorkeling, which is our favorite water activity. Icis is tucked back into a beautiful valley surrounded by streams and hills. The birds and frogs were in full force (which we enjoy), and the little 1 BR unit was nice. Its just too hot to stay there that time of year. The a/c wasn't adequate for the heat. I even like it on the warm side, but it was too sweltering for me. Their pool was not usable so we couldn't cool off in the afternoons after coming back from the beach.

So this year, we are staying a week at Sugar Mill. We had stopped in last year to see it and it looks like a nice place. Restaurant gets high marks, and its great having it right there on site, if we don't feel like going back out for dinner in the evening.

We are going to repeat a day charter trip we took last year. Went out on Aristocat in Soper's Hole. Wonderful big catamaran with lots of space and nice captain. Went to Indians and Norman Island - made 3 snorkeling stops. Each spot was excellent and we enjoyed the trip a lot.

We are not usually resort people, but we went to Peter Island for a week last year and loved it. Had a deal from Luxury Link. The resort is lovely and has several beaches with snorkeling right off the beach. The pool is nice and the patio has scenic views. We had fun with the little catamarans they have on the beach for resort guests, although we definitely needed instruction since we aren't sailors. The beach attendant had to hop on his sail board to come out and help us since we had trouble turning about. The food and service and views are all wonderful. Just a nice ambiance there. They also have a dive shop on the island, so we went out several times on the dive boat for snorkeling.

Counting the days!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:08 pm
by hoosierdaddy
Sounds like it is going to be a wonderful get away. We would love to spend a week in the BVIs, but so many places to see and not enough time off.