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Another Great BVI Visit

PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:24 pm
by ClevelandDave
Despite my son's self-inflicted hand wound on Day 2 (extracting coconut meat...2 stitches, dry-docked 4 days) we had a great time on Tortola.

My Daughter (19) and son (15) both loved Tortola, snorkeling, west indian food, airplane views, verticle roads & switchbacks, gin-colored water. She was even asking if I thought the BVIs would be a good honeymoon spot!

Nice Day Sail with Kuralu (thanks, Gary), Jerry exceeded expectations on our rental car, RiteWay grocery shopping was good and Big Apple Villa was perfect.

The only real downside to the whole trip was a 45 min wait (after 6 requests) for a wheechair at Cyril King Airport. Only when I asked for either a Doctor or a wheelchair did the AA folks wake-up and commandeer a Delta wheelchair for us.

The kids want to know when we can go back again.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:54 pm
by AquaGirl
Hi Cleveland Dave
Glad you had a great trip. Tell us more - where did you eat? Especially want to know where you had good West Indian food. Also tell us about your snorkeling adventures.
B&J (who love Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Peter Island, in addition to St John)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:32 pm
by ClevelandDave
Hi B&J!
We went to The Caves & The Indians with Kuralu where my daughter got her first snorkeling in. We only snorkeled from shore at Apple Bay . Snorkeling wasn't the emphasis that I thought it would be, but the kids did really like it.

Best Eats
Ginger Chicken & Shrimp Roti at Palm's Delight. I imitate Ginger Chicken from time to time at home and we've been anticipating this meal for years. Absolutely da best!

Pancakes (mango, guava, coconut & banana) at North Shore Shell Museum. Egberth Donovan makes a killer breakfast then sucks you into his funghi band for some fun.

BBQ at The Elm. Nice sunset BBQ in CGB

Roti at Willy Ts. Day Sail lunch and I was happy Willy T was on the menu. Their roti is great.

Friday Fish Fry at Apple Bay. The local ladies set-up an array of fish, shellfish, conch, bbq, veggies, red beans n rice and on and on and sell it all under the banyan at the base of Zion Hill Rd. A-Mazing!

Gellatto at La Dolce Vita, near Sunny Caribbee in Road Town. YUM