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Postby Muhaha » Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:46 pm

We are a few short weeks away from our first trip to Anegada. It feels weird not to go to STJ, but the family wants to experience a completely different island feel and we are looking forward to the quiet solitude that we hope Anegada provides. Last year's trip to STJ was actually on Lovango, so I guess you could surmise that we are trending towards slower paced vacations. We are staying at Lavenda Breeze for a week which seems perfectly situated for our needs.

I have seen some limited discussion regarding Anegada on this forum, but am hoping that some of you with experience can provide some tips (dinner/lobster favorite, lunch favorite, drinking favorite, must-do, must not do, etc).

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Re: Anegada

Postby Exit Zero » Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:43 pm

There is not much action from the very STJ centric forumites about Anegada but on www.traveltalkonline the BVI and Anegada discussions are extensive.
I enjoy Loblolly Bay and lunch there - certainly Cow wreck beach is worth a visit - Anegada Reef Hotel is the social hub each evening - Neptunes is an excellent dinner choice.
The beaches are amazing and you will feel a little isolated at times in a good way.
There is some bonefishing - good snorkeling and do get out and about the island.
If you are lucky to see the pink flamingos they are spectacular in flight.
Anegada is truly a Virgin Paradise and you will enjoy the beauty.
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Exit Zero
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Re: Anegada

Postby jmq » Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:23 pm

Re dinner, stop by in the afternoon or call ahead to the restaurants because they like to have an idea of the number of guests they will have so they know when (and possibly if) they will open for dinner that evening.

Bring plenty of books :)
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Re: Anegada

Postby Muhaha » Mon May 13, 2013 11:30 am

I am now back from our week in Anegada. I really don't want to do a trip report as for some reason it doesn't feel right to do for Anegada. Instead, I will try to offer some general observations. Anegada was a very special place for me, it has absolutely no feel of being touristy and is probably the most undeveloped island I have ever had the pleasure of staying. There are miles and miles of sandy rough roads, miles and miles of the most beautiful and deserted beaches I have seen, and a fairly large island to explore that probably has accomodations for less than 100 visitors. I found it to be more of an adventurous experience rather than a typical vacation. We enjoyed the quiet, the solitude, and the raw beauty of the island. There is no "off the beaten path" in Anegada, rather there is simply no beaten path. One exception is the daily taxi traffic (2 or 3 taxi loads) of day trippers from the Tortola-Anegada ferry, heading from the dock to Big Bamboo. But even then, I never saw more than 8 people at any beach bar or restaurant.

I really enjoyed the lobster dinner with tables on the dock at the Lobster Trap, Pam's cinammon rolls should be a controlled substance, Cow Wreck is awesome to lazily float around at sunset, and the snorkeling at Flash of Beauty is magnificent. We didn't see much of the exotic sea life such as eagle rays, but the deep canyons and coral formations at FoB were quite unique for such a relatively shallow dive. We did see black tip reef sharks, nurse sharks, and the largest grouper I have seen. And we did see the flamingos in flight. Nearly every morning at sunrise they would fly along the shore, above the break at the reef. On our last evening, we caught them at sunset which was spectacular.

All in all, I would peg Anegada as different from STJ in the same magnitude as STJ is different from STT. It won't be for everyone, especially if you are looking for a bar or restaurant hopping vacation or an island vacation with most of the amenities of home. But it is for solitude, for privacy, and to experience an uncommercialized caribbean island.
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Re: Anegada

Postby CBama » Mon May 13, 2013 1:12 pm

Thanks for posting. Enjoyed !!
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