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The Trip is ON!

Travel discussion for Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and beyond!

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The Trip is ON!

Postby GidgetPicklebrain » Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:51 pm

Finally, after a 10 year wait, we are returning to the Virgin Islands. Our first 4 nights will be at Guavaberry Spring Bay, followed by 7 on St. John. I've got questions...

Traveling Aug 1, arriving STT at 3:15. Plan to take the 5:00 ferry from Charlotte Amalie to Virgin Gorda. We will be met at the ferry dock by our rental vehicle. At what point will we go through customs entering the BVI? Have I allowed enough time to make the ferry?

Is there snorkel equipment for rent at Guavaberry? We are planning to purchase masks and snorkels, but would like to rent fins.

Given on 3 full days on Virgin Gorda, what are the must dos - must sees - must eat theres for you?
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Re: The Trip is ON!

Postby AquaGirl » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:46 pm

Its been quite a few years since we stayed at Guavaberry, and we loved it there. Its on our list to go back. Not sure what you like to do, so here are some things we enjoyed doing:

We were there in April/May, and they have night-blooming cacti around their property.I don't know the proper names, but be sure to notice the tall pipe-like ones and the plants that grow in a tangled hairy looking mess. They had awesome flowers in bloom at night. We took a flashlight and walked around when it got dark. During the day, you can see the closed up blooms so you know which ones are likely to be out at night.

Loved snorkeling at Savannah Bay - its a beautiful long beach with a few huts for shade.

Loved snorkeling at the beach right below the Nail Bay resort. You park at the restaurant area and walk down the hill. Nice beach with lounge chairs and shade. Fabulous snorkeling when we were there. Enjoyed lunch at the Nail Bay restaurant.

Visit the Baths early in the morning when you can walk through without hordes of people. Its really cool scramble through, over, under and squeezing through the big boulders. You can have a drink or snack at the restaurant at the top of the Baths. I think its called "Top of the Baths".

Really enjoyed meals at Mineshaft, near the copper mine. Go there in the evening, and check out the chickens that are up in the tree in front of the outdoor deck. If you are there as the sun goes down, you will see lots of chickens gathering at the tree, getting up into the tree and jockeying for a good position to sleep. Its quite entertaining.

If you are there on a Friday evening, go across the mountain to Leverick Bay if they have their Friday night buffet and show. (You may want to call first, or ask the nice people at Guavaberry to call and check if its on.) It was a reasonably priced buffet with good food and a great show with music and jumbies. Its amazing what those guys and gals can do while walking around on the those tall sticks.

I've read that a restaurant called Hog Heaven is open now, and has a fabulous view and good food. I think its BBQ.

We found it quite easy to drive around the island and find our way.

Regarding your ferry questions, I can't help you with those. We flew into VG on Air Sunshine, so we checked into customs in the tiny airport building.

Have a great trip!
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Re: The Trip is ON!

Postby jmq » Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:15 pm

You should be able to make it IF you land on time. If that is the direct ferry to Spanish Town, you go thru customs right in the bldg next to the ferry dock. Your rental person should be waiting for you right outside the gate to do your paperwork on the hood of the car. I don't know how you deal with customs if you connect thru Tortola.

Send the folks at GB an email with your ?s re snorkel gear.

A recent blog post on doings in VG I saw on FB. The Leverick Bay BBQ is indeed fun. ... itish.html ... sh_23.html
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Re: The Trip is ON!

Postby Maggy » Mon May 20, 2013 9:21 am

Just got back from two weeks at wonderful Guavaberry.

Must do's : Start from Guavaberry preferably before 8 am and walk to the top of the Baths and then hike down to the Baths. Climb through the boulders to Devils bay and stop for a swim. On the way back, take the path via Stoney bay (far end of the beach) and walk back on Devils Bay path (you end up on that path).

Vistit the new restaurant Coco Maya. It's wonderful and the setting is fabulous. Great food.

Visit Savannah bay.

Drive over to North Sound and visit Hog Heaven on the way (the other way back should be the regular road, as there are a number of great viewing points).

If you love to snorkel, check out Dive BVI's trips.
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