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Air Sunshine???

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Air Sunshine???

Postby notahippie » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:14 pm

Has anyone flown with Air Sunshine?

Their website is horrid, and they have not answered 2 emails and 1 voice mail about their SJU to Tortola service. The price is good, but non-responsive customer service scares me.
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Re: Air Sunshine???

Postby equineannie » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:05 am

Try Seaborne, I use them frequently. Nice planes, lovely staff. Worth what may be a few extra bucks.
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Re: Air Sunshine???

Postby AquaGirl » Thu Mar 06, 2014 9:59 pm

One year we flew Air Sunshine from SJU to Virgin Gorda and it was an ok experience, but we probably won't fly them again unless there is really no other alternative. It was a very small plane and I was quite uncomfortable in the seat right behind the pilot. I am average build and 5'6" and I had to sit sideways because there was (literally) no leg room. I was able to reach them by phone with no problem. They weren't very friendly, but I got the info I needed. It left on time and all our baggage made it on the flight.

On other forums, I have read mixed reviews. One person who owns a villa on VG takes them all the time with no issues. Others have said they don't keep to their schedule very well, and sometimes your bags come on the next flight if there is too much baggage weight for the plane. One family was split up across 2 different flights because their flight was overbooked, so some members arrived several hours later. You may want to read some reviews before you decide.

You might also consider flying to STT and taking the ferry to Tortola. We did that last Oct and the timing worked out well. I've read that the ferries have had schedule issues, but it worked out ok for us. Each mode of travel has its pros and cons, but the getting there is worth it!
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Re: Air Sunshine???

Postby Muhaha » Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:05 pm

You may want to check out VI Airlink ( They have 3 daily flights to/from SJU and Tortola for $286 roundtrip.

I will be using them in May for Tortola to Anegada, and have heard very good things about them. Much cheaper than a charter too.
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Re: Air Sunshine???

Postby jmq » Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:59 am

We've flown them 3 times to or from VG / SJU. Thats their modus operandi re reservations etc. - if you get thru on phone you fax them confirmation info (not a very secure way of doing business in this day and age).

First time you hold your breath will this all work out? But it does when you show up at the appointed time. They will even take you early if they have room like they did last time with us when we got into SJU sooner than expected.

Their planes are as old as dirt - a real flying bucket o' bolts LOL but pilots are very skilled - its a tricky landing on that dirt airstrip - see video.

Last time we used them because Seaborne botched the initial roll out of their service to VG and cancelled our res. You have more options into VG now and I think I would pay extra now to use Cape Air or Seaborne just because the Air Sunshine equipment isnt getting any younger...
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