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St. John 2018 Still So Good!

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Re: St. John 2018 Still So Good!

Postby gobucs » Fri Jul 20, 2018 2:17 pm

Agent99 wrote:Part 3 May 21- early morning.

Did I mention that I am the first one up? Love the quiet of the morning here. Ruth’s Kiss of the Jumpie coffee on the balcony and the only sounds are the gentle waves and Pearly Thrashers.

Yesterday was so good I am going to tell it backwards so I can savor every second. Not going to lie. I think we were all feeling our prosecco by 9ish. The wedding was so much fun I feel like we were there. We kind of were. First it was just me, then Luke then Q then Pete and pretty soon, even before the music started we all were watching from our balcony at 10C and toasting the bride and groom’s happily ever after. I’m sure Meghan and Harry are quite pleased with their gig but they’ve got nothing on the Boston couple at Gallows. Cheers!

Back up to sometime after the vows and before the best wedding band/DJ ever. P, L and I were feeling peckish and walked downtown for a bite. Q opted for a nap- the beauty of staying near town. We had never been to Longboard. I know they are in their 3rd year but the last I remember the space was a diner that we had never tried. I’d heard that Longboard was very good but the main reason I wanted to go was because I’d read how they rallied during the troubles and fed - um- everybody. For weeks.

We live on Cape Ann. The home of the Gloucester fisherman. Insert ‘Perfect Storm’ dialog here: “Glousta, They are always from Glousta!” Wicked Tuna is my favorite show. I see the guys occasionally in town at restaurants or when buying my prosecco. The Longboard’s sushi rivals and surpasses anything I’ve had at home. They use soy paper instead of nori which sealed the deal for me. Best sushi I have had, ever. And not just saying that because everything tastes better here. Who’d have thunk?

After dinner Luke and I walked over to St. John Spice for some Kiss of the Jumbie and who did we see but the Lady Herself! I know she is way more likely to be seen in the morning so it was such a nice surprise for us. The last time Ruth saw Luke he was maybe 8 years old? We caught up for the next few minutes and it felt really good to connect with someone who prevailed and emerged victoriously. The store looks great and the Kiss of the Jumbie smells as intoxicating as ever.

Luke and I took our time and looked around. While we were standing on the street looking at what was and will soon be The Beach Bar I said to Luke- “Kenny’s new song just popped into my head. It’s Gonna Be All Right.” He said “MOM! I just had that same exact thought!” Hand to God that very second that exact song came on across the street at Drink. I know. I know. That song probably comes on every 10 seconds all over the island but for us it was kismet. We decided to stop for a traveler but the bartender saw us- said “just a minute and ignored us for a half an hour while while chatting it up with his friends. His loss- we had prosecco at home.

By the time we got home the wedding DJ ws kicking it up and it felt as though we selected the playlists ourselves. We danced on the balcony- all 4 of us like when the boys were little. We will have very fond memories of that young couple’s sweet wedding.

Earlier that day we enjoyed a late breakfast at CBL. Huevos Rancheros and Crab Cake Bennie. Nice. Then off to our first glimpse of the North Shore. We are taking it in baby steps. Stopped off at the Caneel overlook. I might have mentioned I feel as though Luke and I were better prepared to see the reality than Q or Pete simply because we’ve been glued to every bit of news, blogs and personal stories that we have been able to find since 9/6/17. But to see it in person is a blow. I am a pretty live and let live gal but I am angry at the powers that should not be at Caneel and I think they stink. Moving on.

Gibney. Our most special place. Kind of feels sacred. This observation may sound callous but it is the way I feel and this is my perspective so don’t judge me. On approach the pretty white picket fence is right where it should be. It looks completely repaired/rebuilt- fresh and new and in no time at all there will be a waterfall of hot pink bougainvillea spilling over the top. Sunday afternoon - 1ish and not a soul in sight- pulled right up to the gate.

Maybe it was because I’ve read so much about it all- watched drone videos and FEMA air footage, etc. etc. I can’t explain my reaction but at that moment I was not the least bit sad, or shocked or upset. It felt as though I was seeing the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. I immediately felt that we were seeing the Gibney home like it must have been- what? 50? 60? 70? years ago? Cleared of all the dead brush and palm fronds that had, frankly, littered the property for years, the beautiful architecture and placement of the estate is now visible. The beach is glorious, moreso than ever if you can even imagine. As always, we situated all the way to the opposite end of the Community house. I mentally bowed to the departed palm and its tire swing. Now the fun begins.

We brought a Neso tent. LOL. It’s all on video but I stopped filming when the swears started flying. I shall not even attempt to describe the comedy that ensued. I will leave that task to 54B. I have faith in you sir! Just please wear the coconut bra while assembling. Let’s just leave it at this. There was a stiff breeze at the time and no one was really interested in my helpful suggestions. Remember- I had read all the Trip Advisor threads from those who had NESO’d before us. “Fill the anchors with WET sand.” “Stretch the corners super taut and line up the poles with the corners”. ”Bury the wet sand anchors”. When will they learn that I have mad skills? We were the only ones on the beach so we had plenty of shade with the surviving grape tree and thankfully no witnesses to the “NEStivities".

I know there is controversy over the coconut palms but a few newly planted palms will not kill anyone and I hope some manifest over the next few years.

Really nice, fun day. And it really is going to be All Right. I heart Kenny! :)
FYI were were there at the same time and ran into Kenny at Mongoose
, he was there until the 21st checking on the progress of his rebuild
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Re: St. John 2018 Still So Good!

Postby Agent99 » Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:42 pm

No gobucs. I would have loved to even him- my hero that he is. I did see the you tube of him singing at Mongoose. What a treat for the locals and lucky tourists who were in the right place at the right time. The closest I have gotten to Kenny is the best seats we can get at Foxboro each August. Would love to shake his hand someday and thank him for everything he has done for the islands.
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